Best Ladies Night or BLN was founded by us –  a group of friends who love the concept of ladies night in Dubai, well, generally in the UAE. We go out several times a week and know our way around town. If you are not a regular going out, you are visiting the UAE, or just moved here (welcome!) then you will ask soon one of the following questions: “Where is the best ladies night tonight?”, “What if I don’t want to drive, what’s the best night out close to me?”, “What do I wear on a Tuesday to the Yacht Club?” . . .

Our Mission Is Simple: Make Finding The Right Ladies Night Easy

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We have heard these questions so often, that we started believing there must be an easier way to find your way around Dubai’s party scene. Thus, we initiated this website – Best Ladies Night – to make it super easy and convenient for you to find the Ladies Night you are looking for. Whether it’s location, music, free food, dress code – we let you filter all ladies nights to your preference. Our website is always up and running and just a click away.

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