The Best Ladies Night Help Center will answer all the common questions Users and Venues have.

For Users

-1- What is Best Ladies Night?

Best Ladies Night is a directory website enabling you to easily find the Ladies Night you are looking for. You can search by location, via google map or utilizing one of our various filter options. We are striving to create the best experience for you and to help you answer the question of “Which Ladies Night should we go to?”.

-2- Who is the team behind Best Ladies Night?

Have a look at our Mission page to find out more about us.

-3- Are there any cost involved in using this site?

Nope, absolutely not. We earn our money by offering advertising opportunities to venues. The ads are clearly marked as ads and are designed in a way to only be complementary and never distracting.

-4- Do you guarantee that all information regarding Ladies Nights on your website are correct?

While we can not guarantee that every last bit of information is correct, we continuously verify with all venues the information given and update the same if necessary. Discrepancies might occur though for example on holidays or other special occasions. Please verify if you have any doubts directly with the venue if they have adapted their opening hours.

-5- I like your concept and would love to work with you. What do I do?

Thank you! We are glad you like our website. We would love to hear more from you. Send us a bit about yourself, including your CV, salary expectations and the role you are interested in to:

-6- I had a really great/horrible experience with one of the Ladies Nights. How can I let the world know?

Write us an eMail with your review and we will publish the review on our Blog. You can either share your experience with us anonymously or we will give you full credit. Up to you. We look forward to hear about your experience:

-7- I am a Blogger and would like to collaborate with you guys. Is that possible?

Definitely! We love collaborating with Bloggers. We even build an info page, just for this purpose. Have a look here.

-8- I have never been to a Ladies Night. What should I wear?

Well, this depends very much on the venue. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are generally though rather fancy cities, thus better be over- than under dressed.  Dress to impress is definitely the way to go here. Make sure to look at our Dresscode suggestion on each venue’s listing page.

-9- Will Best Ladies night remove or reorder bad reviews if a venue pays for advertising?

No, reviews and ad sales are completely separate. Simple as that.

-10- I have another question. How do I contact you?

Get in touch via


For Venues

-1- My venue is not listed. Why is that?

We strive to allow all ladies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to select out of all available options of ladies nights. Thus, it’s surprising your venue is not on here. Please drop us immediately an eMail to to get you onboard.

-2- My venue is listed here. Does that mean I have to pay for it?

Best Ladies Night is free of charge for users as well as venues. We do have advertising options available for you to gain extra exposure. These come at a small fee. Feel free to request our media package via

-3- I am not satisfied with my venues rating. Can you change that?

No, we can not interfere with the venues’ rating submitted by your guests. The venues ratings are all user generated. We work hard to make them reflect the realities of your Ladies Night, so our users can make better educated choices.

-4- I would like to launch a campaign for my venue with you, e.g. a Facebook competition. Would you take part in it?

We love competitions and giving back to our users. Get in touch with us under to launch a campaign together. Certain campaigns such as raffles we are happy to collaborate free of charge.

-5- I have another question. How do I contact you?

Get in touch via